First Aid for Childminders, Nannies, Nurseries & Afterschool Clubs

Since July 2013 I have trained over 800 learners in paediatric course, just in Monmouthshire.  The great thing is the amazing feedback I get, especially putting their skills into practice, and they now recommend my courses to others.  I now have people returning for their courses and even booking after 2 years so they make sure they have a place when their 3 years is coming near.

On 1 April 2016 in Wales the Regulations and National Minimum Standards for providing care for children up to 12 years changed, so I have also adapted my courses. The accredited courses for paediatric are for infant (under 1 year) and child (1-puberty), these day we do get girls as young as 8 reaching puberty. Therefore in the courses I deliver the adult (puberty onwards) is also covered to reflect the 0-12 years childcare includes now.

There are courses available:

In Wales with CSSIW it has stated that it “is up to the manager or childminder to decide which meets your needs, both meet the minimum standards”. For childminders I would always recommend the 12hrs course.

With nurseries a lot are still training all staff in the 12hrs which is great. A number of nurseries are also following the model of first aiders in work by having a mix as you see in other work places with some trained in 12hrs and others trained in 6hrs.  It means that everyone is able to treat emergencies but then if a child had an asthma attack a 12hrs first aider would treat the child.

Some of you will have seen that in England (March 2015) there are new government proposals that rather than just 1 member of staff having 12hrs in the nursery that all nursery staff have paediatric first aid to be able to act fast. In Wales the minimum standards in childcare is a ratio of 1 trained person  to 10 children, please bear in mind holidays and sickness with this.

The Resuscitation Council recommends that you should update your resuscitation skills annually to avoid “skills fade”. I therefore have First Aid for Childcare Annual Refresher (maximum of 12 learners) which is a 3 hour course in the Mix & Match Offer on my website. Some nurseries run this as a twilight or as part of an INSET day to make sure they are confident to respond in an emergency.



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