Stress & Wellbeing

‘The adverse reaction people have to excessive pressures or other types of demand placed on them’ Health & Safety Executive

The Health and Safety executive (HSE) says 420,000 UK adults experience stress at a level that makes them ill, with 10.5 million working days lost each year. It estimates the cost to the economy is £6.4 billion a year.
In the Whitehall II Study (by UCL) they found that chronic work stress was associated with coronary heart disease and this association was stronger among both men and women aged under 50. Their risk of coronary heart disease (at risk of heart attack or angina) was an average of 68% more than for people who reported no stress at work. There is some good news that among people of retirement age (and therefore less likely to be exposed to work stress), the effect on coronary heart disease was less strong.”
With the awareness courses below if you book any 2 to be run on the same day at £350 for in-house training for up to 15 participants. Otherwise the normal price for these courses is £200 for in-house. So you could train up one group in two topics or train two groups in the same topic.

These on-site group courses are each three hours in duration and so under this offer one would be in the morning and one in the afternoon. The maximum number of learners per course is 15 unless otherwise stated.

Certificates will be issued to learners successfully completing the courses. I also offer a range of accredited courses.

  • Managing Stress in your Staff
  • Stress Management



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